Unclog a Toilet No Plunger Series 3 of 3

If the hot water and dish soap technique did not work neither after you tried twice. Then we need to take thing to next level by some chemical reaction "Baking Soda and Vinegar"

STEP 1 - Scooping enough water out of the toilet bowl, so the baking soda doesn’t get completely wet, pour about a half of a box of baking soda into your toilet bowl.

STEP 2 - Pour a bottle of white vinegar. Pour the white vinegar slowly, be careful the splash when the baking soda starts to fizz.

STEP 3 - Allow the bubbling to work on the clog, about 30 minutes, then bring in the boiling water (You can see our Hot Water Technique to see the step of getting boiling hot water)

STEP 4 - Pour hot water into the drain, slowly.

STEP 5 - When the water drains, you’re done. BUT, If the water drains slowly, THEN repeat process until toilet flushes normally.

If none of these methods work, or if DIY isn’t your thing, contact us and we will come to help!