Unclog a Toilet No Plunger Series 2 of 3

If the hot water technique did not work after you tried twice. Then we can kick things up a notch by combination of Dish Soup & Hot Water, double attack!

STEP 1 - Boil Hot Water about 2 gallons or more, ***cautions that boiling water could crack your toiler bowl, please heat to the point just under boiling.

STEP 2 - Squeeze about 1/4 cup of dishwasher soup into toilet bowl. Then let the soup sit for 7 to 10 minutes.

STEP 3 - Pour the boiling water into toilet bowl from about the waist height to create enough force to dislodge the clog

STEP 4 - No flush this time, let the soap and hot water sit for another 2 to 3 minutes then flush 1 time to see whether the water is moving again.